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How we tried to book a train ticket and ended up with a databreach with 245,000 records

A model of a steam locomotive with French and German flags,a Trans-Europ-Express wagon attached. The train is losing tickets

To celebrate Franco-German friendship, German Transport Minister Wissing and his French counterpart Beaune came up with something special: 30,000 free Interrail tickets per country for travel in Germany and France for young adults between 18 and 27. Codename: “Passe France Allemagne”

However, many things went wrong when the Interrail passes were distributed. In the following, we want to take you on a journey through the stages of the not-so-well-implemented ticket and show you how you could still get a pass after registration ended.

And while we’re on the tracks, we’ll also have a look at a security breach in a similar project at the EU level. Implemented by the same agency - which left the data of about 245,000 registrations almost unprotected on the web.

Please stand clear of the doors – we’re departing! 🚄🚃🚃🚃🚃